New Program for Legion Members

The Royal Canadian Legion now has a new program in place called MemberPerks. The program was put in place to give the membership discounts in various products and services. Below are the steps for creating a personal profile on the Royal Canadian Legion and the steps for creating an account to use the MemberPerks program.

Steps for creating a personal profile.

Go to the Royal Canadian Legion Dominion Command website:
  1. Go to Member Login (upper right hand corner of the screen) and click on it.
  2. Click on the button “Create Your Online Profile”.
  3. On the next screen you will need to fill in your legion membership number. found on the front of your membership card, followed by your email address, phone number and a password.
  4. Then click on “Register”.
  5. You will then receive an email giving you instructions on how to login.
Steps for Creating an Account with MemberPerks.

Note: This program is free to all legion members.
  1. Go to the member login page and login, after which a new screen will appear.
  2. At the top left on the ribbon of this screen you will see “Who we are”. Click on this.
  3. There will be a drop-down box with options. Click on “Affiliated Organizations”.
  4. A new screen will come up. Click on the MemberPerks program.
  5. A new screen will come up saying memberperks “login” or “register today”.
  6. Click on “register today” and fill out the information requested.
  7. Continue to answer the prompts as the new screens come up.
  8. One question that you will be asked is your location. Answering this question is important because then the memberperks tailors the perks to 50 km (default setting) from your home.
  9. You should then get a screen that shows the perks for your area.
  10. If you want to change a location or your preferences click on the “home” tab where you can change the distance from home or add another location.
  11. When you find a perk that you want to use, click on the perk and it will tell you how to use it such as “in store” or “telephone” etc.
  12. Once you click on the option you can then print the perk or use it on a mobile device. Printing the perk or using the mobile device gives a barcode that the establishment then scans for the discount.